Angda Song +1 (805) 253-2058 English   Riverside, CA (look to relocate)   中文
B.S, Computer Science   University of California Riverside Sep 2013 - Dec 2017
Software & Web Development C++, C# (.NET), C (Embedded), Python (Django), Java (Android)
  JavaScript (Node, jQuery), PHP (Laravel), CFML (CFScript), HTML, CSS
Database   MySQL, MSSQL, mongoDB
System Admin Nginx, Apache, IIS Linux, Windows Server Virtual Machines
Extra Skills   Adobe Photoshop   Microsoft Office    
Software Engineering Computer Networks System Administration Database Management
Reverse Engineering Wireless Networks Computer Security Operating Systems
    Parallel Programming   Compiler Design   System Architecture   Embedded Systems
Programmer Realty Publication Inc. Riverside, CA Feb 2018 - Present
Suggested the use of and implemented a Support Ticket system, which improved company efficiency.
Developed several internal management tools, and introduced RESTful to the existed system.
  Assisted with development and maintenance of the company's proprietary Learning Management System.
Webmaster Student Organization Riverside, CA Aug 2013 - June 2017
As the only developer in the organization, I designed and developed the entire website.
Hosted and managed the physical web server. Managed the email system for the student organization.
    Provided tech support for student organization members, and for the public during organization events.
Smart Home Controller Personal Project Jan 2017 - Present
IoT Hub built with a Raspberry Pi (Python) as central controller server, and Arduino (C) as remote clients.
02/2017 Working features include automated lights / switches controlled by RF+motion sensors.
04/2017 All switches are remote controllable through a web portal.
02/2018 Geofencing added for enhanced automation, with the use of chained IFTTT applets + webhooks.
  06/2018   Added infrared transmitter for controlling non-smart appliances (air conditioner with IR remote).
Baidu Cloud Storage Synchronizer Personal Project Feb 2014 - Present
Python synchronization server with file version history, deployed on an OpenWRT router.
04/2014 Originally developed based on Baidu's both published and unpublished (sniffed) API.
09/2017 Dropped Baidu Cloud file sync feature as I did not have time to re-analyze their new private API.
03/2018 This project was transformed to a self-hosted cloud storage synchronization server.
05/2018 Optimized syncing data usage by comparing files chunk by chunk, and transfer only the changed chunks. This is helpful when syncing with mobile clients.
  06/2018   Added faster LAN transmission and file compression.
SegFault School Project Sep 2017 - Nov 2017
A replica of the Q&A website StackOverflow in PHP+MySQL and HTML5+CSS+JavaScript.
Developed the backbone MVC framework for this project, most database interaction and UI elements.
  Responsible for administering the server and the domain name.
Laptop Keyboard to USB Keyboard Converter Personal Project   Apr 2017
  ATmega1284P-based controller that converts Clevo's proprietary laptop keyboard signal to USB keyboard.
Organization Website Work Project Sep 2013 - Aug 2015
A content management system with PHP+MySQL and HTML+CSS+JavaScript.
Designed and developed the entire website to replace their 10-year-old code.
Hosted and managed the physical web server before migrated a university-managed vhost.
This project was serving as the Chinese Student Scholar Association website since 2013. 
As of 08/2015, when I handed this project over to the next webmaster, this site had more than 600 active users.
Rev. 7/2/2018